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360⁰ Solutions is a social enterprise of the WCA Development Corporation, a spin-off of the Weingart Center Association. Dedicated to empowering and transforming lives by enabling people to realize their full potential through the development of job skills and a career path, the Weingart Center has been overseeing professional training projects since the early 1980s. Headquartered in the former El Rey hotel, a historic building dating back to 1926, the Weingart Center is a strong advocate for Los Angeles’ communities.

There are multiple methods of control available to solve specific pest issues. We actively work to find the best solution for our clients to deliver lasting results.

360 Degree Solutions

A portion of the workforce at 360⁰ Solutions consists of individuals who are willing and able to work, but face barriers to getting and keeping jobs.. After rigorous screening, training and proper licensing, 360⁰ Solutions empowers them to make a positive contribution to their community through pest control work.


With over 25 years of experience in the Los Angeles housing industry, 360⁰ Solutions is committed to providing excellent pest control services to our clients while also providing career opportunities for the community.


We welcome any interest in supporting our social mission through donations, referrals or volunteers.  To learn more, please call 800-901-2366 or provide your information on the contact form indicating your interest in our mission and we will be in touch shortly.