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We can fix any type of electrical issues for your home. Contact us if you're experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Breakers tripping
  • Flickering lights
  • Burned plugs
  • Burned smell coming from the panel box
  • Switches not working
  • Wobbly ceiling fan
  • Loud ceiling fan
  • Sizzling sounds coming from light switches
  • Sizzling sounds coming from light fixtures
  • Ballast replacements, and more......

Your All Around Residential Solution Experts!

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360 Degree Solutions Services

Anytime that you are working with electricity it's dangerous. If you have an electrical problem, we want to help you repair it right away. Let 360 Degree Solutions ensure that your electrical system is completely up to date and safe.



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We provide a wide range of Residential Solutions, performed by our team of certified, experienced,  and Trained Professionals, just when you need them most!

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